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Different kinds of corporate gifts that can be presented on different occasions

Corporate gifts can be given to the employees as well as the clients and customers of the company. There are various kinds of gifts that can be selected for the purpose. The type of the gift depends on the budget or occasion of gifting. 

Here are a few commonly given corporate gifts:
  • Premium Tableware or Kitchenware: It is given to the clients and customers on various occasions such as festivities, foundation day of the company or success parties. These are one of the most special gifts that are given and help in maintaining a nice relation with the clients. It is one of the most useful gifts too, since they can be used to decorate the dining area as well as for severing dinner. 
  • Wristwatches: Branded watches or even watches of a lower price range can be given as corporate gifts. The branded ones are one of the most expensive gifts that a company can give to its clients. Even the employees at the higher posts or the ones who have given quality service or made great achievements can be presented with these watches. Again, the watches of a lower price range can be bought in bulk and presented to the other employees on annual day, sports day and more. 
  • Technical Gadgets: The advancement of technology has introduced a variety of electrical gadgets to us. We often gift these gadgets to our beloved ones on various occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries. They can also be given to the employees or customers for different purposes. Some of these gadgets are mentioned over here:
  • Mobile Power-banks: The power-banks form one of the bare necessities of the day. You can hardly find a person today who does not use a smart-phone. As we use the different apps on our smart-phone, make calls or send messages in these phones, the charge keeps on draining and we badly need an arrangement for charging them on the go. That is where the need for power-banks arises. Gifting power-banks can help the company create a long-lasting impression on the minds of the person to whom it is being gifted. 
  • Credit Card Pen Drives: They look like credit cards but are similar in functionality with pen drives. They can be used for transferring and receiving different kinds of data. They help in promoting the company as a brand since the name and logo of the company are printed over them. 
  • Umbrellas: They are one of the most commonly given corporate gifts. They are cost-effective yet useful.
  • Backpacks: Backpacks with messages embossed on them can also act as great gifts for the employees. 
  • Digital Alarm Clocks: Though alarms can be set on cell-phones nowadays, Digital Alarm Clocks haven’t yet lost their importance. Gifting them to the employees will ensure that they turn up on time every day!!!  
  • Drink-ware: All of us have received water bottle during our childhood on some occasion or the other- be it our birthday or sports day of school. The concept of gifting drink-ware does not stop there. It can also be implemented at a corporate level to gift the employees. 
  • Candles and Candle-holders: These are the most aesthetic gifts that you can give. A variety of candles of different colors and different flavours are available in the market for the purpose. You can select the ones you like and give them as gifts whenever required. 
  • Leather items: Leather items are equally popular as corporate gifts. Leather caps, leather dairies, leather bags and more- there are several items in leather that are given out on various events. They can have the logo of the company printed on them to make the purpose more successful. 
  • For Women: There are certain items that can be exclusively given to the women as corporate gifts. Starting from make-up kits to jewelry boxes- there can be a variety of such gifts which every woman would love to receive. 

So these are the different corporate gifts that can be given out to the employees or clients by a company to maintain a nice relationship with them as well as to promote itself as a brand. 

Friday, October 7, 2016

Reasons why Lanyard are being used in different occasions.

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Do you think Lanyard is still an item that is used by the boaters and the navy? You are wrong in that case! Lanyards are now part and parcel of various events and are being used to serve many different purposes such as:
  • Reunion: A school or college reunion is a gathering of friends where people meet after a long time. Naturally, there has to be an item that will make the event memorable for the people attending it. A good idea can be to distribute lanyards with the name of the school or college along with the year on it. Similarly, in case of a family reunion, the name of the family can be written on it. 
Along with these, the location and date can also be included. 
  • Fan Club: If you are the member of a fan club, you can take the initiative of making a lanyard featuring the name of the club along with the star whose fan club it is. Such lanyards can be distributed among all the members of the fan club under consideration. 
  • Carrier: A lanyard can also be regarded as a place to hold the keys, cold-drink bottles or other such stuffs. If you are a person who is active all the time and does not have enough space in the pocket to store these things, we would suggest you to use a lanyard for the purpose. It is a small and inexpensive thing but can function well over here. 
  • Sports Lover: If you are a sports lover and heading towards the stadium to cheer for your team, you can order a set of lanyards and distribute them among your group to get a better feel of the whole event. The lanyard should have the name of your favourite team along with its logo printed on it. 
  • Security: Lanyards can also be used for security purposes. The students of a school and college and also the stuffs can be provided with lanyards which they can use as a form of identity. This can help the school and college authorities to ensure security in the campus. 
  • Corporate Offices: Lanyards can also be distributed among the employees of a corporate office to maintain uniformity among them. They help the stuffs to bear uniqueness with respect to the others. They can be given out during different corporate events such as sports events, philantrophy-based events such as blood donation camps, annual day of the company and so on...
  •   Other Purposes: A lanyard can serve lots of other purposes as well. It can be used to hang inhalers, epi-pens and other such stuffs due to lack of space. 
  • Events: It becomes difficult to distinguish persons as VIP, media people and audience during any cultural or official event. If lanyards of different colors are distributed among different categories of people, it becomes easier to identify them.
  • Camping and Vacations: If you are planning an adventurous trip or any other trip with your family, a lanyard will come handy for you and will help you to carry things like lanterns along with you. 
  • Promotional: Lanyards can also be used in branding and marketing campaigns in order to promote a brand. If lanyards with the name and logo of the brand are distributed among the mass or the targeted audience, more and more people will come to know about it and a brand awareness will be developed. 
  • Expressing Gratefulness: A vote of thanks accompanied by a lanyard would make your customers happy and can keep them returning to your store. Everyone loves to get such small little gifts. And in case of a lanyard, the name of your store or company printed on it will serve as an advertisement too! 

Lanyards can thus be distributed on multiple occasions and serve as great gifts for customers, employees or friends, as the case may be. The reasons why they are being excessively used in these spheres are the affordable-price, functionality, handy nature and lastly the option of writing something on it. You can print anything on them- not only letters but also logos and can thus use them in many ways. 

Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Art of Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a recent concept, developed by businesses and corporate companies, to gift the people whom they think have contributed to the development of the establishment directly or indirectly. This is to make the recipients know that they are grateful for the connection they have with them. Apart from the obvious mentioned above, there are other reasons as well. In the following article, the importance of corporate gifting, how it acts as marketing tool i.e. external benefits of the company, how it is used to increase the employee’s job satisfaction i.e. internal benefits, ethical issues involved are discussed. 

Importance of corporate gifts
The importance of corporate gifts can be described based on the audience which it targets. The target audiences are the customers, clients, employees, suppliers, shareholders and the public. Corporate gifts are used as a means of excellent marketing strategy by creating brand awareness as well as to represent a token of gratitude. In today’s world, corporate gifts are double-edged swords. Implemented well, it gives amazing benefits. If the cards are not played right, there is a chance of the concept of gifting backfiring.

How do corporate gifts act as marketing tools?
Corporate gifts, if personalised i.e. printed with logo, act as objects which imprint the company in the minds of the recipients. Customers, clients or suppliers could be given the company’s products themselves. They can also be offered a gift voucher or gift points to shop at their company’s store or their associated products. This leads to customer satisfaction and through word of mouth, the company’s name would reverberate in many people’s ears.
Another advantage of the corporate gifting is, it provides free advertising to the company. If the company gives its own products as gifts, preferably personalised, it leads to the recipients trying the products and evaluating it themselves. Personalisation leads to the product logo being seen by the recipient regularly and this creates a level of confidence in them. 

How do they increase job satisfaction?
Corporate gifts increase job satisfaction among employees as they act as rewards for the hard work they have done. Gifts are given to the employees for two primary purposes. One, to award them for best performance; and two, they are given to all the employees of the company as annual gifts, on special occasions such as a milestone achieved by the company or during festivals. Giving these gifts not only increases their morale, but also increases their sense of belongingness and trustworthy relationship with the company. This shows to the employees that the company shows appreciation and is grateful for the services they have provided. Monetary incentives are more expensive making the monetary feasibility better for the company. Moreover, buying the gifts in bulk for so many people makes it even cheaper.

Ethical issues
There are few situations where giving corporate gifts can be highly inappropriate and deemed unethical. Companies should be aware of such situations and thus be careful not to make the gifting backfire. Gifts could be mistaken as bribes and this is a crime under the law. There is also a chance that the recipient of the gift might think it of as a kickback and might get offended. If it is a client, customer or supplier, there is a danger of losing them forever and once lost, they never come back. Gifting in industries such as retail, financial services, insurance, pharmaceutical and other medical fields, bar all kinds of gifts. The following are few points to note related to ethics related to corporate gifting:

  • Giving gifts while the bidding process is going on is a big no.
  • Expensive gifts such as cars and vacations should be offered only after careful consideration as they are suspected to be kickbacks.
  • There is a need of care while gifting as this might create a wrong impression among the recipients due to the value of the gift as well as the cross-cultural issues. Care must be taken not to embarrass the recipient as this poses the risk of losing the connection.

Overall, corporate gifting is an art and there is a knack of dealing with it. Appropriate dealing with it gives the best results without creating any negative impact on the company.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

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Corporate gifting is a recent concept, developed by businesses and corporate companies, to gift the people whom they think have contributed to the development of the establishment directly or indirectly. This is to make the recipients know that they are grateful for the connection they have with them. Apart from the obvious mentioned above, there are other reasons as well. In the following article, the importance of corporate gifting, how it acts as marketing tool i.e. external benefits of the company, how it is used to increase the employee’s job satisfaction i.e. internal benefits, ethical issues involved are discussed.